Aphrodite Donkey Milk Hair and Scalp Serum for Hair Loss


Keep your hair growing long and luscious with our beautifying hair and scalp serum. Our serum nourishes every strand from root to tip so you can enjoy the thick and healthy hair of your dreams.


Fortify your hair and scalp with this beautifying serum. Calcium rich donkey milk gives strength and shine; our powerful herbal HairGrowth complex provides effective natural protection against hair loss.

3.38 fl oz / 100 ml

Key Ingredients:

  • Cretan organic olive oil
  • HairGrowth Complex
  • Donkey milk
  • Ginseng
  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Biotin
  • Red Onion
  • Amaranth
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We’ve combined a range of powerful and hard-working natural ingredients to create the ultimate serum for hair loss and scalp care. Using our professional formula, you can give your hair the natural protection that it deserves while intensely stimulating your scalp at the same time. Our daily serum features one of our most standout ingredients, herbal HairGrowth complex that’s ultra-effective at getting your hair to grow thick and long. We think that this is the perfect addition to your daily hair routine!


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