Aphrodite Hair Care Moisture and Shine Gift Set


Our Moisture & Shine gift set is a powerful post-shampoo bundle that tackles dryness and dullness. Why not give a loved one, or even yourself, the gift of a good hair day?

This gift set contains:

  • Z-14M Conditioner 200ml,
  • Z-15M Hair Mask 150ml,
  • Z-14L Leave-in Hair Serum 100ml


Gift set details:

This set contains everything you need to replenish your hair’s healthy oils after washing, with 3 silicone-free products that hydrate without leaving you feeling weighed down. 

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We’ve combined three of our most moisturising hair care products into one ultimate deep hydration system that gives hair the nourishment it’s crying out for. With help from argan, abyssinian, and olive oils, this gift set delivers essential moisture after shampooing, and locks it in place to build stronger, healthier, and silkier hair. Made with an abundance of natural ingredients, these products are mild enough to be used regularly, yet mighty enough to give you hair you can show off with confidence.


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