Aphrodite Hand & Body Treats Pomegranate


Give your loved ones a fruity treat with our beautiful gift set that brings a lustrous glow back to mature skin, and leaves a fresh, mild scent of Mediterranean orchards. 

This gift set contains:

  • Youthful Radiance Hand Cream with Argan & Pomegranate 30ml / 1.02 fl oz – Travel Size
  • Regenerating Body Lotion with Argan & Pomegranate 30ml / 1.02 fl oz – Travel Size


Gift set details:

Two travel-sized products to give dry skin a real treat. Restore youth to tired hands with our age-busting hand cream, and reinvigorate the body with our silky lotion. 

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Key Ingredients

 Argan Oil  Pomegranate
Argan oil

Anti-ageing, nourishing, antioxidant, hydrating


Powerful, antioxident, regenerating, astringent

Our Pomegranate Hand & Body Treats gift set is designed to tackle dryness and dullness, generating a healthy, luminous, and youthful glow. And with a gorgeously fruity aroma that arouses the senses, you’ll be shining on the inside as well as on the outside! Our carefully selected hand cream and body lotion have a light, silk-like consistency, soaking deep into the skin to hydrate while also leaving a luxuriously satiny finish that feels wonderfully soft to the touch.


Cruelty Free - Not Tested on Animals


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