Aphrodite Love Your Body Kit Aloe Vera Collection


Love your body with the Aphrodite Love Your Body Kit: a suitcase-friendly package packed full of essentials for hydrating, moisturising, soothing, and repairing dry skin.

This gift set contains:

  • Intense Hydration Hand Cream with Aloe Vera Moist Complex 30ml / 1.02 fl oz – Travel Size
  • Intense Moisture Body Lotion with Aloe Vera Moist Complex 30ml / 1.02 fl oz – Travel Size
  • Extra Soft Foot Cream with Aloe Vera & Prebiotics 30ml / 1.02 fl oz – Travel Size


Gift set details:

Three travel-sized products from the Aphrodite Aloe Vera Collection, making it easy to sample some of our best loved products for the hands, body, and feet. 

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Key Ingredients

arnica Aloe Vera Prickly pear

Stimulating, soothing, anti-inflammatory

Aloe Vera

A great moisturizer, soothing, cooling, regenerating

Prickly pear

Short & long term moisturizer, repairing

Unsure which product to try out from our Aloe Vera Collection? Why not sample three of our best sellers, all designed to deliver intense hydration where you need it most. Our silky hand cream and body lotion are wonderfully lightweight for easy absorption and fact action, while our richer foot cream soaks deep down to not only moisturise dry skin, but leave your feet feeling soft and well cared for.


Cruelty Free - Not Tested on Animals


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