Moisture & Shine Shampoo


Strong and hydrated locks are only a wash away with our Moisture & Shine shampoo. Show your hair the love it deserves with a beautiful mixture of ingredients that are suitable for normal or dry hair types.

How to Use:

  • Take a chestnut-sized amount of shampoo and massage into the scalp and throughout wet hair
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
  • If needed, repeat the above process for deeper cleansing
  • Follow with APHRODITE® Moisture & Shine Hair Conditioner for extra hydration
  • For additional moisture, swap conditioner for our APHRODITE® Moisture & Shine Hair Mask and seal in moisture using our APHRODITE® All-in-One Leave-In Hair Serum

Say goodbye to dryness with our moisture boosting shampoo. It retains hydration and leaves the hair with a luminous shine.

KEY INGREDIENTS: aloe vera, chamomile, botanical keratin, hyaluronic acid, inulin, honey, provitamin B5

250mL /8.45 FL oz

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Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera Honey crosslinked hualuronic acid Inulin
Aloe Vera

A great moisturizer, soothing, cooling, regenerating


Humectant, hydrating, softening

Hyaluronic acid

Antistatic effect, softening, conditioning


Conditioning, prebiotic, humectant

For hair that gets dry easily, our Moisture & Shine shampoo will be the perfect addition to your haircare routine. Our complete formula encompasses an incredible blend of the best natural, gentle ingredients that nourish and protect each strand of hair from root to tip. Say hello to instant hydration and unbelievable shine with Aphrodite’s unbeatable shampoo that battles dull and tired locks head-on. Strengthen your hair and say hello to long-lasting hydration today.



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